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2019 Young Leaders' Scholarship Winners

As educators committed to our students in the Beaufort County School District, The BCEA is pleased to announce the continuance of our 6th annual Young Leaders’ Scholarship. This project reflects the sincere intent of The BCEA to encourage and promote educational opportunities that challenge our young adults, the leaders of their generation. The scholarship is designed to financially assist rising 5th through 8th graders throughout the public schools in Beaufort County who plan to attend a summer camp or institute that promotes leadership. This includes middle school-aged students in all public schools north and south of the Broad River. The $250 award is based on merit, community and/or church involvement, current school report card, and application essay. 

Annabelle Vaughn Beaufort Middle

Adelaide Rogers Beaufort Middle

Elisabeth Mullen Bluffton Middle

Winning Students/Parents School Board Members

Reyli Onate H E McCracken Middle

Anthony Angelino Bluffton Middle

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